How to ensure your business is food safe

Food safety management is about meeting the industry standards for hygiene and food handling. You should ensure that you have strong procedures in place. You also need to consider:

Which suppliers you use

How you keep track of the food you buy and the food you sell to other businesses

The transportation of food

Managing food safety procedures

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The procedures should be based on the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP). This is a system for identifying potential food hazards and introducing procedures to ensure they are eradicated or lowered to a safe level. For help from Food safety Consultants, visit a site like

This procedure will help you produce and sell food that is safe to eat, provided you:

keep up-to-date documents and records relating to your procedures

regularly reviewing your procedures to make sure they reflect what you produce or how you work.

Food hygiene – businesses in the food sector and those who handle foodstuffs must ensure that their methods reduce any risk of consumer harm. Part of meeting food safety requirements is to manage hygiene and standards to ensure that the food supplied is safe and ready for consumption.

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To keep food safe for customers with allergies, you must follow the rules of providing allergen information by:

Provide accurate information on allergens present

Handling and management of adequate food allergens in the kitchen

Food additives

If you are using additives in food, you should:

only use approved additives

only use it if it is approved for use in foods

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