Who can complete a scaffold inspection?

Scaffolding must always be checked by a competent and well-trained professional and in order to meet legal requirements, the scaffolding should be checked periodically.

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When and by whom should the scaffolding inspections should be done?

Working to meet the requirements of the Working at Height Regulations 2005, scaffolding should be checked:

• After installation / before use

• At least once weekly

• After every situation that could compromise the safety of installations such as bad weather conditions. So even if the structure of scaffolding is inspected the day before, it should be checked again if for example there is a strong wind overnight or events report events such as a storm in the region

It is the responsibility of the tenant / user to ensure the scaffolding has been inspected in accordance with regulations. For more details on Scaffolding London, visit a site like https://www.bgscaffolding.co.uk/scaffolding-london/east-london-scaffold-hire/

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So, who should conduct the examination?

It is determined by the HSE guidance that scaffold inspections should be carried out “by a competent person with combined knowledge, training and experience relevant to the type and complexity of the scaffolding.” Competence is widely regarded as holding qualification standards like the Construction Industry Scaffolders Record Scheme.

A non-scaffolder who had attended the CISRS exam can be considered competent to examine a basic scaffold structure, while more complex structures should be examined only by a card holder for Advanced Scaffolding Inspection.

A written report must be completed for each examination and retained on site until the work is completed. Once the construction work is completed, the report must then be stored at the site office for three more months.

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