How to Make sure your Posture at Work isn’t Causing you Harm

One of the most common complaints in the office is back and neck pain from bad posture. It is also common to see RPS (repetitive strain injury) in office workers, as they spend many hours sitting at a desk, and this can put a lot of pressure on certain parts of their body. Here we will see how you can improve your posture to minimise your chances of suffering any work-related ailments!

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Make sure that your chair is suitable for you – getting the correct chair for you is one of the most important ways that you can ensure you don’t cause an injury. If your chair is causing you problems, it is possible to get next day office furniture from which could save your posture!

When you are sitting at your desk, your feet should be flat on the floor, your knees should align with your hips and your hips should be pushed as far back as possible in the chair, as should your back and shoulders. Keep your back straight and try not to slouch. There are back support attachments that can help you with this.

Pay attention to your workstation too. Your computer monitor should be eye level, not higher or lower, as this can cause neck pain, and you should not be reaching too far to use your keyboard, mouse or any other regularly used items.

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Remember to take regular breaks to move around and stretch – sitting in one position for too long can cause huge amounts of pain. To help you to remember, set reminders on your computer or phone, and take a short walk around, stetch, or go and get a bit of fresh air.

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