Tips for starting a business or business with your partner

Find a partner to create business is almost like looking better half. But what if you have the best two in one? Here, we offer some tips to not fail in the attempt.

Economic needs or just the desire for independence and having a business lead me to believe that the couple, boyfriend or husband, can be a good ally. Here in this article we consulted various tactics so that lovers can achieve its mission:

Tips for starting a business or business with your partner

Having good base: However, either by a friendship or trust, the business partners should be well grounded and there should be good communication and knowledge of the other, according to the website the same advice he shares the site professional advice, explaining the importance to maintain the relationship over the business.

The same commitment to the business: Forbes says the idea is that both devote the same time and energy to grow your business. There cannot be one that is at the forefront of everything and take your partner “dragged” because this can make both the business and the relationship to fail.

Adequate money management: The task must be done together: search sources of funding, make loans, and mortgage the house to meet the common savings. Both should recognize what their contribution and the ways in which handled the finances to afford the debts. If they reached an agreement to pay or the way in which each must contribute, try.

Making decisions together: Communication must be a solid base to start. The idea is to comment and discuss all kinds of ideas or proposals involving the company. And if you come to have drawbacks, like in a relationship, you can handle calmly and wait until “high tide” pass.

Differentiate roles (and wages): “It is necessary to put in writing the roles and fostering communication to avoid misunderstandings,” she said business consultant of Action Coach, Luis Delgado, quoted by CNN expansion. This can become a good basis not only to handle the responsibilities but also to prevent future conflicts. But the website explains that these roles should not be too strict in the beginning, but rather flexible.

Having the same vision of the company must be a joint dialogue to know where they want to direct their business plan, goals, potential obstacles to the forms of financing. “It is impossible for a company to evolve when the visions are not aligned,” says Forbes.

Limit time spent on business: Experts explains that, for health, there should be a cut between two worlds. The business must have defined times. Occasionally at home they can talk about it, but the time at home is family time.

Common values: Honesty and ethics should prevail when creating company. But before them, respect should prevail, as highlighted by Forbes. They will present crises and difficult times that the best decision will be to stay calm and not to offend or reproach by bad decisions, for example. Ideally both learn in the process, train and pursue the same dream together.

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