P20 Extends Linde Materials Handling Range

The latest addition to Linde’s range of materials handling machinery is the P20, a tow tractor with impeccable indoor credentials.

P20 Extends Linde Materials Handling Range

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In recent years, Linde has been growing its portfolio of products as well as enhancing its workforce thanks to a successful apprenticeship program. So it has also been able to create this cutting-edge model which promises to propel its reputation to new heights.

Electrifying Ambitions

The P20 tow tractor is powered by an onboard battery and an electric motor, cutting down on the noise of its operation and meaning that it is a more environmentally friendly choice than traditionally fuelled alternatives.

The 1.5kW motor can generate enough pulling power for the P20 to manage two tonnes of material mounted on the trailers that it tows. And this puts it in a niche previously unoccupied by any equivalent machine from Linde.

Of course, Linde’s operations are wide-ranging and go beyond machinery manufacturing, so it is unsurprising that it has the capacity to come up with innovative products at all points of the marketplace.

When deployed in combination with pallet wrapping machines offered by firms such as http://www.packaging-machines.co.uk/, this type of tow tractor will make stock management and distribution a more efficient and productive process.

Complete Comfort

The towing capabilities of this electric tractor may be important, but any machine that requires a human operator to ride on board it must also be built with comfort in mind. And the P20 is certainly flexible in terms of how it accommodates operators.

The seat provides ample cushioning for when operators want to control the machine while sitting down. And this can actually be folded up out of the way so that a standing position can be adopted, which is useful in situations where the operator may need to get on and off regularly, with short stints of movement in between.

With a step height of just 119mm, entering the operator’s area of the tractor is not an issue. And it can also be specified with an increased ground clearance of up to 80mm for those buyers that do want to deploy it outside as well as in.

Linde spokesperson Stuart Sims said that the P20 electric tow tractor would work well everywhere, from factories and markets to hospitals and railways, marking it out as a capable performer for every towing need.

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