Responsible Pest Control: Cruel Rodent Glue Traps Withdrawn

There are many forms of pest control, including dispersal, trapping, and pest-proofing the affected environment. The chosen method should cause the least suffering possible to the creatures causing the nuisance. This is why The Human Society International/UK is campaigning for a ban on the sale of rodent glue traps.

Responsible Pest Control

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What is a glue trap?

A glue trap consists of a piece of board or plastic coated with an adhesive and is designed to ensnare any small creature coming into contact with its surface. These are typically used to trap rats and mice.

Why ban glue traps?

These traps are designed to capture and not kill, which means the trapped animal is subjected to suffering for hours or even days. The creature can die from suffocation as the glue clogs up its mouth or nose, and some animals have chewed off limbs or torn skin in their struggle for freedom. These traps are currently readily available to buy in the UK.

The HSI/UK Unstuck campaign

The Unstuck campaign aims to make it illegal to sell glue traps in the UK. Although it is not yet law, the HSI has managed to persuade major wholesalers and retailers to withdraw the product from sale. According to the Animal Welfare Act 2006, it is an offence if a person acts or his failure to act causes an animal to suffer, so given the research that the HSI/UK has undertaken, many people are at risk of committing an offence.

As outlined in The Express, a yougov poll revealed that many people do not know what to do once the rodent is captured and illegally dispose of the trap with the animal still inside of it. Animals have been drowned, burnt or thrown away whilst still alive. Innocent wildlife and pets have also unnecessarily suffered when getting caught on a glue trap.

If you have a pest problem, it is always best to ensure that the law is followed by using a professional pest control company such as who can deal with everything from mice infestations to nuisance bird management in the most humane way possible.

The HIS/UK Unstuck campaign has the support of the BPCA and the RSPCA, and they hope to follow New Zealand and Ireland’s lead in instigating a ban on glue traps for good.

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