The social media professional must understand how the brand speaks

There has been talk on many occasions of the importance that companies are connected to the new – not so new, I would say – digital environment encompassing today’s markets. It has also been said that it is not only necessary that these companies have a presence in social networks, but rather generate content of value that, in some way, encompasses and brings the brand closer to the target audience in a more humane way, This to meet the market objectives you may have in the short, medium or long term.

However, the reality of many countries, which have not yet been given the importance it deserves to the manager of communities in Social Media, brings with it a series of elements that, somehow, limits the community manager, To perform a work totally attached to the management of such important relationships in the online environment.

First, the identity of the mark must be taken into account; Part of the resounding success of Social Media (and that its understanding has led to success for many brands) has been the perfect incorporation of elements of human communication in the digital environment, that is, in order to “want” a brand, Implies a level of knowledge that starts from the experience of rapprochement that has had with her.

This leads us to understand online communication from a dimension away from direct purchase – so it is usually said that content in Social Networks should not appeal to a direct sale to the user – but rather a more human and emotional relationship of The brand with its community. But this is only possible if its manager – speaking of the community manager – is immersed in the same identity of the brand, as an issuing element, seen from the most basic model of communication. The professional must understand how the brand speaks, what topics the brand likes, how it treats its friends, how it apologizes, how it greets, how it says goodbye; All these factors come from this same understanding and contextualization.

On the other hand, For the professional it is important to understand the limits of community management, that is, essential elements about what the brand intends to have online presence. These limits should be very clear to the manager, from a strategic perspective in the search for crisis preparedness and prevention in the digital environment. These limits must be clear and well-segmented in order to reduce the immediacy and the generation of content within the platforms.

In short, the manager must know the behavior of his brand and the specific objectives of his actions within each network, in order to generate content (not only seen from the publications, but also in terms of responses) of value, which Appeal to the online positioning of the brand that manages.

In some places they say that only one convinced convinces, if the online community manager is not convinced, understanding the reasons for the presence of his brand in Social Networks, will not do a suitable job, thus avoiding the increase of the presence of The brand in the saturated digital environment.

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