The Community Manager, a flirt on the social media dance floors

The one who took them from the street a few years ago is now part of the cod in the social networks. I have no doubt, and if we wanted to find parallels between the current figure of the Community Manager and the traditional flirt we would find more of a similar behavior or trend between the two. As if it were a “Boy Martini”, the Community Manager comes into play with a meticulous strategy where he undoubtedly uses all his skills and charm.

Choose your target

Right it’s true, and I must confess that many years ago in a very distant galaxy I tried to connect with some impossible woman. I also made a certain effort to have Steve Jobs follow me on Twitter and that Apple echoed my technological publications getting exactly the same result.

We must be clear about our limitations and our possible field of action, who we are and where we are able to reach, not where we would like to go “in the happy country, in the house of  lollipop street”, as I would say Homer J. Simpson. Analyze the competition It is always good, and convenient, to monitor what others do. Not to copy them but to know how to differentiate ourselves from them. Learn the good, discard the bad and above all give your personal touch to highlight, be authentic.

Who has not bumped into the one known as “Bat Factor”? For those who do not know what it is, Bat Factor is as it is called in the night slang the inseparable friend of the girl you like who does everything possible to boycott any possibility of attack on your part. “Bad Factor” does not have the slightest intention of empathizing with anyone, accumulates many negative experiences behind her and will put all her efforts to fail in your attempt to conquer her friend. On the Net, this figure is known as Trolls, users who have had a bad experience with your brand or some similar, and that will make all the noise they can to damage your image.

Do not make promises you cannot keep

Just as it is not advisable to tell a woman that you are going to call her knowing that you will not do it, on the Internet you do not want to venture to communicate false promises, as I have told you in another publication, everything is recorded on the Internet On fire So we will have to take special care in what we say.

Be constant but do not pass

To be successful in social networks requires a consistency and a periodicity to achieve the expected results. We have to learn how to cajole our followers but without passing us to not take the risk of being charged.

Each person is unique, or that should seem like

Treating each call as the most special person in the world at that time is in the manual of any Casanova that boasts. In social networks, something very similar happens, we must make each person who follows us, and thank him publicly for choosing us instead of any other market option.

A withdrawal on time is a victory As in so many occasions in life it is very important to learn to say goodbye in time. Perhaps Facebook is not the most appropriate channel for your company to be present and you want to close that account. Perhaps you are more interested in focusing your efforts on Twitter or LinkedIn. Search for your natural habitat.

And you, are you the ones who take the initiative or even wait for them to come and get you?

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