Tablets: Trend between consumers and the future of electronic commerce

Recently, we highlighted the data of a YouGov study, which indicated that one in 12 users of ‘tablets’, have expressed that their purchase was to replace their desktop or laptop.

Now, a new report from AdMob, indicates that the owners of ‘tablets’ are using their portable devices more than traditional devices, which means that the ‘tablets’ are becoming an increasingly important marketing channel and being true promoters of mobile e-commerce and marketing.

Some related data indicate that consumers use this type of devices more frequently for research and access to product information through the network. And along with Smartphones, both are becoming the best ‘shopping partners’, and an important tool for help and consultation in the processes of ‘off-line purchases’.

According to a study by Arc Worldwide, half of consumers use their smartphones and ‘tablets’ to help make decisions in their purchasing processes. In addition to practical use of these devices is not simply reduced to the query of information during the precise moment of the purchase, but allows consumers to organize the information consulted in the network beforehand to use it at the necessary time

In the same line, the data of a recent report analyzed by eMarketer, indicated that almost half of the owners of ‘tablets’ (43%) spend more time using these devices than with laptops or desktops.

Similarly, 41% of their owners, spend more time with them than with smartphones and smartphones, and more than a third (34%) spend more time using the ‘tablets’ of those watching television.

Once all these data are known, the importance for companies of reaching this type of mobile users and consumers is clear, so it is extremely vital and essential to innovate and optimize both the resources and content, as well as the SEO strategies themselves. that the search for information is the main activity among 78% of these users.

In this sense, the ‘journalistic content’ and reviews begin to play a decisive and increasingly important role as a resource through which to catch and captivate the consumers and users of these mobile devices. Especially in the case of the owners of ‘Tablets’, for which online purchases are among one of the main activities in 41% of cases.

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