Does Where You Work from Affect Your Motor Trade Insurance Requirement?

The short answer to this question is no. Where you choose to run your motor trade business from does not affect your policy, and you don’t need specific premises in order to operate. However, there are different types of insurance that cover the varying places that you work from.

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Operating from Fixed Premises

If you’re in the motor trade and work from fixed premises, you can take out a policy that will cover the elements of your premises too. This means that you can insure road risk elements, and you can also cover your premises and tools and any other contents of your premises too.

When you take out insurance for your fixed premises, make sure that it is sufficient to set you up again if anything untoward happens, and that you take out cover that is sufficient.

Operating from Home

If you’re working from your garage, driveway or any other area that forms part of your home, you should have motor trade insurance that includes a road risk policy. This cover is easy to obtain, and you can check out what sort of options are available at to work out what your needs are.

You should also inform your home insurance provider that you are working from home so they can cover you in case anything happens as a result of this business. A theft that sees a customer’s car keys removed from your home, a fire caused by a faulty engine or any other incident needs to be prepared for, and your insurer needs to be aware of what could occur and offer appropriate cover.

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Operating as a Mobile Business

If you predominantly work on the road or at your customers’ homes, you still need to be covered by a motor trade road risk policy. All mechanics and other related motor trade industry workers must be insured, and you must ensure that the cover you take relates to your specific line of work and the risks that you face. Just because you don’t have a fixed work location, it doesn’t mean you don’t need to be insured.

Wherever you work from, insurance is important, and it’s an integral requirement of every business, whether based at home, on the move or from a fixed location.

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