QR codes demand is higher than ever

QR codes continues to gain followers. The last report Scanlife collected 4 million new users of such path to content. In addition, its use is more common, with an average of 3 monthly scans, which means 22% more than in the same period last year.

QR codes demand is higher than everQR codes demand is higher than ever

Far from being an obsolete technology, mobile users use their practicality when consuming information. The Mobile Barcode Trend Report shows a quarterly increase of 7 million scans through the 6 million active users.

Users also scarce codes with their tablets. This new wave has detected a growing interest among tablet users. In one year, growth has been spectacular, no less than 1300% over 2012.

Scan is men

64% of users of such codes are masculine, predominating in all age ranges. Scanlife stresses that this practice is not very common among young people, since only 13% of users between 18 and 24 years confesses scan codes. Meanwhile, the largest group is that of adults between 25 and 34 years (48%). Also it should be noted that a significant percentage of people over 45 (33%) who are regulars of this habit more information.

As for the classification devices, Android owners were more active when see what is beyond the code (60%), especially driven by more information about your interests, data that will provide added value. These sound be influencers, social gamers, techies or value shoppers.

What kind of content is the most demanded by users?

Campaigns that recorded the highest number of scans were including videos, followed by allowing downloading applications. Thirdly the demand for more product information appears.

What work best offers and download coupons, along with social gaming, in all its versions. This is to provide an incentive to users to encourage them to interact with the action. The sectors that get better results with these applications include food and beverage, technology, retail, media and toys.

Do you use QR within your marketing strategy? How do combinations to join tear down the barrier between the world onine and offline?

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