Companies need to improve customer service on Twitter

If recently the report of Socially Devoted surprised us with companies beginning to give effective response to their customers through Facebook, new figures now focus on Twitter. SocialBakers shows us how it has evolved customer service in the last quarter by large companies through the network of microblogging.

The new figures are not very encouraging, the standard of SocialBakers shows that companies have treated a 3% fewer requests than in the previous quarter. This does not necessarily mean that the service has worsened, but has not improved as necessary; since the number of requests from customers has increased in the last period. Therefore, companies must still improve to live up to the expectations of customers. Socially Devoted half reported that only 35% of applications received no reply, which means that 2 out of 3 were pending attend.

Companies need to improve customer service on TwitterWhat companies stand to provide better customer service on Twitter?

As we could see in the report on Facebook, airlines are noted for their concern for the customer also in this social network. According to the report, they served more than half of applications (52.6%), which does not mean that the other half left unanswered. They are obviously making an effort to improve but can not relax. Facebook your response rate is much higher (79%), having undergone a remarkable evolution from the previous year (55%). On Twitter the change has also been remarkable in a year (from 32.4% to 52.6%), an improvement that should motivate them to move forward in this area.

Next in order of importance the financial sector, which last year ranked fourth. His great achievement was almost double the number of interactions in this area, going to meet 41.7% compared to 27.4% in 2012. Its customer concern has also led him to occupy the second position in Facebook, where he was able to respond to 78% of registered applications.

Meanwhile, the telecommunications sector has fallen from first place in 2012 to third in this year. Its volume of responses has fallen to 35.9%, when its maximum recorded was 37.3%. It is true that this is a sector with a high number of requests from customers; what should be an incentive to improve.

On the other hand, the fashion and retail sectors have not yet been firmly raised the need to respond to their customers in this medium. Socially Devoted data show a decline even in the case of fashion (from 22.1% to 20%), which remains the same as the previous year (fifth place); while retail has experienced a slight but still insufficient increase (from 13.2% to 15.2%).

Following the data, manufacturers still need to improve their responsiveness on Twitter. Hard to believe that at this point still 2 out of 3 customers go unanswered.

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