Personal productivity: How to build your road map

When we talk about personal productivity, we must try many different interactions, in fact everything that can affect our performance. In this post I will focus on issues affecting:

  • Relationships
  • Professional Relationships
  • Relationship with oneself

In terms of productivity there are no magic formulas or two sheets of the same route, may have points in common, but each must find what works best, and for this, is not very different from what we do to find our strategy for Marketing department or an entire company with the addition of shaping experiences going to reach your goals.
Personal productivity How to build your road mapThen went on to detail 12 that I personally help increase my productivity:

1- Family + Friends: Especially in processes that want to start or already are at it, you have to approach your more intimate circle to achieving your goals. Have to look at the comments that you receive are of a positive nature and if there is criticism should always be accompanied by something constructive then. You must not allow your environment does not believe in what you do , if you need to strive to make them understand that good environment it is essential for a project to work.

2- Professional environment: If the first thing you do is sell your purpose to your personal environment, the second is to sell the same message (in professional key) to all persons involved in your company tries to instill in people positivism, desire striving, vision … If you keep your plugged honestly environment they will treat you on those days when you need bellows.

3- Continuous learning: Many times I find professionals who claim to have much experience using the catchphrase “as you will understand, I have many years in this.” I’ve never done by diplomacy but my answer should be: “Sorry, you take 1-2 years of experience and 18 repetitions of the same”. NO NEW THINGS stop learning NEVER. Learning is what will make can be useful whenever your surroundings and be respected for it. In terms of productivity remains open head and encourage creativity. A particular level spent years I force myself to do one each year.

4- Actions-Seminars-Lectures: This point is in relation to the previous one . To learn, you need to listen to experiences and opinions of other professionals. And if in your day to day do not have to make business visits, that will bring a little touch human and network essential to thrive. I force myself every 2-3 weeks to attend an act.

5- Sport: At this point will not discover the benefits of sport but for me is key to release tension, stress and maintain balanced and strong for all body. It is also beneficial to win in the discipline and perseverance.

6- Making timeouts: Although we do not realize we live among expect. For example in waiting rooms take this opportunity to answer some mail or when walking back to my house I listening to a podcast of some interesting lecture or some blog marketing.

7- Test-Error: Try to force you to try new things every month, if not try you do not know and more than once you’ll be surprised. Even if you think you have everything optimized, there is always room for improvement.

8- Holidays: Once a year, make a break, to be able to be 2-3 weeks. But when I say break is trying to disconnect absolutely all your professional activity. It is vital to clean the head, take oxygen and strength for the next year. That will help renew goals. If necessary, works harder to get everything ready to enjoy your holiday. You can always spend one or two years for the situation that you cannot touch live but I am among those who think that long passes bill.

9- Newspapers Objectives: Try to put yourself goals and regularly checked once a month. To be able to write them, so you’ll have more firms.

10- Daily Guide: This recommend to entrepreneurs and marketers minds that sometimes we head a little scattered. Before starting work written on a sheet or in a word what you need and want to do that day. In stress are good tips to follow to avoid being distracted.

11- What harder you prove, first: It is preferable to attack the most difficult when one is fresh and will allow you to reach all your tasks because if you leave it to the end you run the risk that you convince yourself of it that you can do tomorrow

12- Concentrate to take swift decisions: When you’ve gathered all the information you require to make a decision, do not allow yourself the luxury of delaying much that topic. Act quickly!

In my opinion, when we talk about personal productivity, you first have to work with yourself, then work your personal and professional environment and align in the same direction to achieve goals. Always private victories precede public victories and small achievements to large. Begins to change some habit and try new things in your day to day and you’re on the way to your ideal productivity sheet route.

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