Key points to be a day in e-learning

A few years ago it could foresee that the e-learning would rise strongly, and if we had done any survey many would say that would come from the very large institutions and universities that would make a clear commitment to the Internet channel.

Today, the sector of internet training is really fragmented and very competitive due to the number of “players” on the asset. Still, some studies place the degree of investment in e-learning 2015 at 107 billion dollars.

Key points to be a day in e-learningIt is true that universities and business schools are adapting to new technologies through virtual campus and streaming content, no doubt that these pathways are still very reliable for quality training but not everyone can access according to postgraduates, MBA …. it ‘s growing feeling among users that there is an alternative channel that can be accessed online and at lower cost. It is dumping all the content on the web: Videos YouTube tutorials, webinars, hangouts, specific forums, documents slideshire and of course, the new video platforms courses.

In this scenario we can detect some clear trends:

– Consolidation of MOOC: The so-called “massive open online course”, these courses designed for mass consumption because of its easy distribution and lesser degree of involvement required for the learner. Another key point for the broad scope of these courses is that prices are becoming more competitive. In the Hispanic world they are betting strong platforms in this direction.

– Appearance of some platforms that encourage almost equally attracting students and teachers to ensure a variety of courses to offer.

– Emergence of new forms of technology to mount video courses as Course builder, or moodle for self as well as technology partners for the whole of content creation.

– Proliferation number of bloggers who ride their own courses online

– New concepts such as online consulting paid for hours.

– Ability to follow informative seminars and live events.

– In the market for the training of professionals for Internet we find the proliferation of specific schools that recruit large professors.

– Increased integration in networking of participants in online courses through more technologically developed virtual classrooms

– Offering more contact classes streaming format

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