Keys for a successful direct marketing campaign

Today, direct marketing has become a distinguishing factor organizations face the competition in the market. In recent years, this type of marketing has experienced further growth in business; thus emerging as a powerful tool to communicate with their audiences

In this regard, direct marketing is defined as a set of techniques that facilitate contact with people immediately and raise an individual reaction; in order to promote products and services or to communicate a message effectively. It also means that can be used to perform these campaigns; They are: email, SMS, calls, discount coupons, loyalty clubs or loyalty programs, etc …

Keys for a successful direct marketing campaignThe strategies to be followed in order to become successful in the design, development and implementation of direct marketing campaigns are presented:

Know your target: Make a map or an array of public keys in order to identify the persons to which They are directed goods and / or services offered by the company. You must have a thorough understanding of the objective to develop marketing strategies and direct communication that they can target: attention, be persuasive; and consequently generate a purchase action.

Investigate consumer habits: By deeply study the market; you can discover existing niches, recognize business opportunities, determine differential advantages over the competition and predict common patterns of behavior of consumers from products that the organization offers.

Create databases: to organize the lot information that the company has on its customers, it helps to shape it in a sort of related tables that let you view the contents of a faster way and to facilitate the search of specific data for each contact.

Segment the market: consists of the division market groups increasingly defined people who have common interests and similar consumption patterns; in order that media messages are attractive and create value for the segment to which they are targeted.

Customize messages: Use personal data are in databases to create an emotional link between the organization and its customers. Messages that believes the company must appeal to emotions to produce in users a sense of identification with the brand. In this sense, creativity is very important to capture the attention of audiences and generate successful marketing strategies that allow direct communication with the same element.

Synthesize information: The content of the campaign should be as brief and concise as possible. By specifying the key messages we must be careful to be clear when writing them; the more simple and concrete words are more understandable is the meaning of what you want to convey.

Choose the right medium: Select the most appropriate means of communication according to the message that has to be spread. We must analyze the advantages, disadvantages, resources, response speed, versatility and flexibility that each medium can offer us to decide how you will send the campaign. For example: In the case of an invitation to an event, the communication channel is the most convenient SMS; since content is short and medium penetration is large; thus increasing the chances that the message is really effective.

Measure the impact of the campaign: Monitor and evaluate the results of public response to the implementation of planned strategies; depending on the findings of this analysis can be kept actions taken or change them according to convenience. Direct marketing media, to measure direct and immediate effects that cause communications sent to quantitatively determine the profitability of your campaign.

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