Movavi Video Suite: Everything You Need to Create Stunning Videos

Do you want to create videos of your own but aren’t quite sure where to start? Are you confused by all the different types of video software that is out there and feel uncertain which type would be the best to use?

Rather than trying to muddle your way through what must appear to be a minefield, the best way to get started and create your own videos is with a video making software that literally has everything you need. That is precisely what Movavi Video Suite can provide, and in an impressive fashion too.

Choose How to Record Videos

Needless to say the very first thing that you need to do to create any video is to record the video footage. For that, Movavi Video Suite adopts a comprehensive approach and lets you choose how you would like to record the footage that you need.


If you want you can record videos using your smartphone or digital camera and transfer them over to the software. Alternatively you can use the software itself to capture video footage from your webcam, record your screen, or even digitize video from analog sources (such as VHS tapes) or create a video slideshow from images.

The flexibility that Movavi Video Suite provides will mean that no matter what kind of video you want to create – you will have the tools to do so.

Easily Edit and Improve the Video

After the footage itself is recorded, the next step is to edit and improve that footage. Normally this can be a bit tricky, but fortunately Movavi Video Suite simplifies the process due to its user-friendly and intuitive nature. In just minutes you’ll be able to:

  • Cut and combine video segments to remove unwanted segments or merge clips together in a specific sequence.
  • Improve the quality of your videos either manually or automatically, and fix common issues such as blurry, pixelated or interlaced video segments.
  • Add special effects and filters to transform your video’s visual appearance and make it stand out.
  • Include background music or voiceovers by adding additional audio tracks to your video.
  • Insert customizable text to create captions, watermarks or titles.

All these features are just a small part of what Movavi Video Suite is capable of. Suffice to say it has everything you need to take the video footage that you recorded and transform it into a stunning video – without forcing you to jump through any hoops in the process.

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