Boosting your business with SEO

The world of SEO might seem quite confusing, but the reality is that there are plenty of things you can do yourself to improve your business’s visibility online. As a lot of local firms don’t yet invest in SEO, there are also some great wins to make just by implementing the basics!

Boosting your business with SEO

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To get your business listing performing better in search engine rankings, here are some steps to take:

Get onto news websites

Google ranks these highly as a trusted source, so look to get some publicity for your business in the local press, with a backlink to your website.


There is a good reason that so many businesses blog, and SEO is one of the primary ones! The more blogging content you put onto your site, the easier Google finds it to index you. It also helps backlinking too, and through social media sharing of trusted, expert content, it can grow your followers and fans. Swansea SEO agency Accent ADC will always tell you that this is a key strategy for SEO success.

Get backlinks from other local businesses

Local linking is very important, and if you have local backlinks, Google will improve your local search rankings. Do blogs about common events and run a shared promotion, get your listing into the local Chamber of Commerce directory and provide posts about partner businesses. Again, a Swansea SEO agency can help with this.

Use some local keywords

These are less crucial now, but still important, so incorporate your main keywords along with the name of your local city into your content.

Get influencers on board

Social media influencers will be well-connected and ready to help share your messages and content to their groups. Create high-value, impactful content that they want to share for its quality, and engage with these influencers to benefit from their networks.

Get reviews

Make sure you have reviews set up for Google’s My Business page. This will help you to build trust and credibility and you can ask your customers to leave reviews too.

It’s also worth getting an agency on board to help you with an SEO strategy, if you are serious about investing in your online marketing but, like many SME business owners, lack in-house resources and time to invest in this work yourself.

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