Impact with a great promotion is still possible

Grass Roots covers the financial risk of a high-impact promotion, so that the marketing budget is under control.

The current competitiveness requires companies to take a hit, a notorious communication impact that makes them stand out above their competitors, when it comes to being chosen by the buyer. A promotion is the most effective way to achieve it, but how can you also highlight among the thousands of offers and promotions that impact buyers daily?

The secret lies in the value of the rewards, the buyer has to perceive that it is easy to access and win interesting prizes. The Grass Roots extra redemption insurance model allows marketing managers to design promotions with great rewards, without having to worry about whether they have calculated the expected redemption rate well. Grass Roots offers its clients a fixed rate and assumes the risks of an extra redemption, to optimize the marketing budget and at the same time keep it under control. The fixed rate includes the payment of all the prizes that are redeemed and the fulfillment associated with the campaign.

“The results are extraordinarily positive: the consumer can get important prizes while companies do not need to drastically increase their investment in promotions,” says Mar García Ruiz, CEO of Grass Roots.

The client chooses the theme or mechanics of the promotion, is flexible and is not tied to existing promotional schemes. For this, Grass Roots has extensive experience and can participate in the development of the promotional scheme that best suits your market. The closest example is the series of offers related to football that are being made in order to capitalize on the impact of such a notorious event such as the 2010 World Cup.

“We have years of experience building successful promotional schemes, in addition to the group’s financial strength, which supports each operation with its own funds,” says Mar García Ruiz, CEO of Grass Roots. “This tool is a novelty in the way of understanding the world of promotions, a revolution in marketing. The results are equivalent to multiplying by 50 the budget of a conventional promotion “ends García.

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