Developers claim that mobile advertising networks exaggerated their eCPM

More than 70% of developers are showing little or no satisfaction with the current possibilities they have to carry out marketing and advertising actions in their applications.

This is the result of a survey conducted by Chinese company Papaya Mobile, which offers its AppFlood service to promote mobile games and applications. The survey shows that most developers do not have a clear idea of the benefits of mobile marketing channels. In particular, they do not rely on advertising network providers.

Developers claim that mobile advertising networks exaggerated their eCPMPapaya Mobile, which has its offices in Beijing, interviewed over 1000 developers, of all sizes, to provide a snapshot of the current status of monetization and promotion of mobile applications. The company has found that this is an area where the mobile experience has to significantly improve.

The survey revealed that cost is not the most important factor when selecting a mobile advertising partner. The cost is in third place, selected by 37% of the participants. The most important factor for half the developers was whether they could rely on their advertising partner to get effective results at a reasonable price.

About 71% of all participants said advertising networks exaggerated their eCPM

Overall, medium-sized developers were the most dissatisfied with those eCPMs, while 80% or more mentioned that eCPM figures were exaggerated. About 70% of the small developers and 60% of the big developers shared that perception.

The marketing budget for 78% of developers was $ 5,000 or less. About 12% had a budget of between 5,000 and 10,000, and only 12% of developers could spend more than $ 10,000 to launch an application.

Most developers claimed to be happier with a “do-it-yourself” approach to application marketing, with 73% saying they prefer to buy and book campaign slots themselves rather than put themselves in the hands of a specialized planning agency.

Asked about the way in which they decided which network or marketing services to use, 26% of small developers, 19% of medium and 12% of large, responded that they had risked when they made the decision .

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