Benefits Of Video Marketing For Businesses


More and more users use YouTube as an alternative to search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing), and this channel is that you can see all kinds of video tutorials from all subject to video news, entertainment and music.

With the over saturation of text on the network, each day more webmasters who try to seek alternatives to written texts and try to differentiate themselves from the competition by providing authentic and original visual material. In the network, the video quality does not go unnoticed, and are one of the best resources to attract customers, while for detailing products and services.

MarketingWith the rise of channels like YouTube or Vimeo video business has become the most powerful communication tool to inform, entertain and sell.

Benefits of Video Marketing


First, the video, the visual feature allows transmit concepts clearly and simply. The videos take the opportunity to explain what words cannot say. They offer greater transparency as customers can see the products as they are with their own eyes. False expectations are removed and the products referred to in real time.


Companies that produce videos about the products or services sold show confidence and closeness to the consumer. The public is smart and knows that if the company has something to hide would never dare to make a video showing the natural articles.

Improved SEO

YouTube videos quality text accompanied positioned very well. The contents, including text, images and videos are usually performed with the top of the results. It is also shown that videos demonstrating products and services effectively increase the conversion rate of the site and generating reliability and this fact increases sales.

Communication between the Company and the Users

The social networks are another means to promote interaction between the company and the audience. It is a good channel to encourage the public to express their opinions, share their ideas and suggestions and interact with the brand.

Types of Videos Businesses can make

Videos of Reviews

The videos about products or services can extend the information in catalogs and brochures. In addition, the user can see in real time what is the product, what it is used, how it can help you in your daily life and all the benefits.

The difference in presenting a product or service on an image or a video is, the latest format, and the client can approach reality watching the item, you can get an idea of the size, dimensions, and utilities, is a way of doing more palpable reality and influence the buying decision.


The video “how to use” to “make yourself” are becoming more successful since they are doing video demonstrations or instructions on how to use certain products. These types of content adds much value for users and solving doubts and teach very useful tricks to customers and potential buyers.

They are content to give much confidence to the company, which results in increased branding and increased sales of products and services.

Videos of Testimonials

Consumers buy at certain shops always on the recommendation of our acquaintances. If you think about it, when we go to a doctor, try to choose one who has recommended us a close person, also tend to choose the holiday destination we have suggested the travel agent or acquire certain products based on the opinions of people know.

Therefore, it is important to make videos that go real clients (not actors) who have experience and experience with the products or services purchased. The testimonies videos promote the good reputation of the company and are a positive way to gain new customers for quality.

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