5 Keys to Developing an Effective Content Strategy

The reign of content spreads, its future looks clearer than ever. 90% of companies have already included it in their marketing strategy, and even takes 25% of the budget.

Not surprisingly, there are significant reasons for this, such as the increase in quality traffic, its power to retain the audience and its high profitability, as it costs up to 62% less than traditional marketing. Therefore, an effective content strategy should be devised. For this you will use these simple keys.

5 Keys to Developing an Effective Content StrategySpecialize… Find your niche

Even if you go to a specific sector, there are sure to be a great diversity of related topics. Choose the one that you find most interesting, have less related content or simply dominate better, and focus exclusively on it. In this way you can position yourself as a benchmark in the sector, differentiate yourself and get a loyal audience.

Search for reinforcements

The content strategy does not have to be your exclusive task, or a few. He has the rest of his colleagues in the department, or even looks for inspiration among the members of the company. To extract this valuable information do not stick to an open question, what would you do ?, but rather design a simple questionnaire, where you ask them what are the most relevant issues for them, what doubts clients usually have, or What subjects they would like to expand knowledge. Your particular vision may give you ideas and other points of view that you probably have not considered. If they also encouraged to generate content, and honey on flakes.

Practice guest posting

Invite to participate in your blog to experts in the sector, either of the same theme, or complementary areas. You can also turn to your suppliers, or your partners. With it, your content strategy will not only improve in quality, but will also help you to develop fruitful and productive relationships.

In the variety is the spice

When we set out to generate content, we immediately think of the text, the written articles. Instead, there are multiple ways of transmitting information. The same message can take different forms, and we can even obtain a more complete content if we make a combination of several. An image can illustrate our text, or simply encourage reading; An infographic can perfectly sum up the main ideas of our work, and is also very viralizable; The podcast can attract lazy people who do not like to read, do not have time, or prefer other ways to consume content and, for its part, video is the type of content most demanded on the internet, representing already 51% of total traffic .

Use content healing to enrich your strategy

Every day they emit huge amounts of content, impossible to digest. As part of your strategy, you could dedicate yourself to selecting the most interesting pieces, especially if they are from sources written in another language, and contribute your own vision on the subject in question. These types of compilations are highly valued in the middle, since they allow users to stay informed with little effort. On the one hand you can offer quality content, and on the other you will be loyal to your audience, who will turn to you when you need information.

Above all, keep in mind that your content content will work if it is really good, or rather, extraordinary; So it is important that you focus on the selection of topics to be treated, take care of the presentation, publish frequently and always keep to the last.

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