5 web design trends to expect this year

Web design pundits are predicting that 2017 is going to be the year of great usability for anyone searching the internet. We will be waving a fond farewell to clunky, slow and overcrowded sites as we see a rise in intuitively-designed web pages that provide clear and relevant information.

5 web design trends to expect this year

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Read on to discover the five top trends that you can expect to see more of in the coming months.

1 Goodbye hamburger menus

One trend that most of us will be delighted by this year is the decline of the ‘hamburger’ menu. Usually found at the top right or top left of the screen, clicking on it reveals a greater menu choice. Tech Crunch reports that these menus make website searches harder, which frustrates the user.

2 Shorter menus

In a world filled with too many choices, users are rendered helpless by a surfeit of options on the menu bar. Consumers want to engage quickly with specific parts of a website, so anything that makes it clearer and easier to source the relevant pages can only be a good thing.

3 Material Design

A new design language called Material Design is the brainchild of Google and is already appearing on mobile devices. The aim is to create a paper and ink ethos to website design, providing shadows, layers and seemingly physical surfaces.

Material Design is at the forefront of web design technology, so it’s probably best left in the hands of web design experts such as the Devon web design at http://vuonline.co.uk/web-design/.

4 Duotone

Using two colours or two shades of the same colour is going to be absolutely huge in web design this year. Spotify has already taken the trend on board and increasing numbers of websites are following the music streaming app’s lead.

Depending on the choice of colours the resultant website can look modern, funky, formal or informative. Duotone is a simple and effective way of grabbing the user’s attention.

5 No more parallax scrolling

It was the hot new trend of 2015, but it looks as though parallax scrolling has had its day. Screen overlays scroll down at a slightly different rate to the background, making for a slightly disorientating effect. Eye catching, certainly, but users have remained unconvinced and it’s impossible to SEO graphic-laden pages. Another digital trend consigned to history.

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