Time to drown away irresponsible drinking

The app is a warning to drinkers when to stop to avoid things that will be regretted the following day. It was inspired by Josh Anton 2 years ago when he received a drunken call from a friend who said things that wouldn’t have been said if sober.

The creator of the app has described it as making your phone a condom. It will help users when intoxicated to avoid making bad and regrettable decisions.

There is also a Find my Drunk section which purpose is to find drunken friends and make sure you can find each other to help prevent anything bad happening.  There is also the breadcrumbs feature which records your location from the night before and helps you to retrace your steps for anything you may have lost. If you are in need of immediate help there is a panic button which will send an alert to everyone on your FABRIQ profile which will send help if it is needed. It will alert anyone on your profile within 5 miles so it is convenient for anyone rescuing a friend or loved one from a dangerous or embarrassing situation.

Time to drown away irresponsible drinking

Despite all the seriousness there also fun features such as Hotspots which shows the guy to girl ratio so people know if they have a chance of getting lucky or not. Even though it showing this it may not be accurate as the app only has 200,000 users so it is nowhere near the popularity of Facebook or twitter but there are signs that in the coming years it could be become a very popular app.

Hopefully the app will convince that you really don’t have to be drunk to have a good time.

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