Web design responsive needs investment

It is almost two years since mobile friendliness moved from an optional advantage to an essential asset of any website, with the introduction of a new search algorithm by Google putting an emphasis on optimisation.

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To account for this shift in priorities, many specialists began to recommend embracing responsive web design to avoid being penalised in organically ranked search results. But why is the responsive approach still so advantageous to site owners?

Unrivalled optimisation

A responsive site is inherently flexible, with everything from the interface layout to the media elements, automatically being able to adjust depending on the screen size of the device being used to access it. This means that it can operate unhindered whether a user is browsing from a desktop PC, a smartphone or even a tablet.

This type of optimisation operates on two levels. It satisfies the expectations of users, giving them a straightforward experience every time, while also conforming to the mobile friendliness tests enacted by Google and other search engines including Bing. So you can improve a site’s ranking and reduce its bounce rate in one fell swoop.

Transforming a site with responsive design may not be easy to achieve in-house, but with the assistance of an agency that offers web design in North Wales, you can adopt a fresh approach affordably.

Social advantages

Modern websites need to be built with shareability in mind since social networking has become just as important a means of driving traffic as search engines. And responsive design is perfectly attuned to achieving success in the newsfeed-dominated mobile landscape.

So if your starting a new business like a Gloucester Vape Shop for instance your site, for example www.lazyjuice.co.uk/.
Firstly, it opens up sites to new and emerging design trends, many of which are built with portable devices in mind, such as the card and grid-based layouts made famous by Pinterest –

Secondly, it means that there is no need to set up an entirely separate mobile site to mirror the content and features of your existing pages. So when you share a link to your site on social media, it will work perfectly whether it is being clicked by someone using an iPhone on the move or someone sitting at their work desk on a laptop.

This has cost-saving benefits to consider as well, meaning there is a multitude of reasons to think about embracing responsive design, and almost no drawbacks.

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