Watch out for Cyber Crime

Scams and theft online are becoming ever-more common, so ensuring that you are aware of the things to look out for to help you spot a scam is more important now than ever before. Online and cyber crime has become big money for criminals in recent years, and every day new scams are being reported to the police.

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Scams over the last few years have included emails and text messages professing to be from test and trace and asking for money for a PCR test, as well as those that claim to be from Royal Mail, and have asked for money to have a parcel delivered. These can look very convincing, but it is important when you get anything like this asking for money that you check with the organisation itself – not the number in the email but use the official contact details.

There are things that you can do to make sure that you are not the victim of a cyber criminal. If you run a business, make sure that your customers aren’t money laundering by using something like this AML ID check for example.

When it comes to passwords, many people have the same one for everything – it makes sense to have something you remember, but this also makes it easy for a criminal to get hold of it and access everything, so use different passwords that are a combination of letters and numbers.

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If you see an email that looks suspicious – do not open it. Report any suspicious emails or messages that you receive to Action Fraud.

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