Top website trends for this year

Website trends come and go, but here are some hot-off-the-press themes that are set to dominate this year.

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Increasing use of animation

Animation is going to enjoy a higher profile in website design this year. According to Entrepreneur, animation allows you to get across lots of information. It can be used for whatever point you want to make and does not have to relate to light-hearted topics – just ensure it is meaningful and relevant to your brand.

Colours set to get brighter

The minimalist trend of last year had stripped-back design elements, although this still allowed for colours. This year, expect to see bolder gradients and colours emerging.

Focus on content

Content is key for creating great websites; however, there is an increased focus this year on designing layouts that bring out the best in the written word.

Statement copy

Design experts predict that type will get bigger and bolder in terms of creating clear, concise and impactful statements.

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Improved designer collaboration

As the internet has become more complex and diverse, there has been an increasing need for designers to collaborate with each other and with developers. This will become more evident this year, whether you work with experts that offer web design in Sheffield, such as, or with designers elsewhere.

New breed of design tools

The pertinence of responsive design has seen a new breed of design tools come to the fore, with their use only set to rise during the coming months. These constraint-based tools allow designers to create cross-device layouts without needing to repeat the work they do for different device designs.

More efficient workflows

The workflow process that goes from design to development is becoming more efficient and streamlined than ever before, with this trend set to take centre stage this year and beyond. Improved workflows will also enhance communication processes.

More expressive layouts

A new wave of tools, such as CCS grid and flexbox, are set to change the way in which layouts are designed, eliminating many limitations that existed before. These new tools should encourage more expressive web layouts.

Focus on SVGs

Scalable vector graphics (SVGs) are loaded with great benefits; for example, they look good on any device or screen and shun HTTP requests. We are likely to see more use of SVGs this year.

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