The Environmental Benefits of Composite Electroless Nickel Coatings

The finishing companies are facing a challenge to lessen the environmental pollution being caused due to their finishing processes. More the exposure to chromium, the worse results you will face. It can cause damage to the liver and kidney, skin problems, and cancer. Besides these threats to human beings, finishing wastages are causing more harm to environment including land pollution and water pollution danger for aquatic life.

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The Environmental Benefits of Composite Electroless Nickel Coatings:

Composite nickel coating has the following benefits.

Less amount of nickel is used:

  • You can prepare the composite coating using at least 40% less nickel. The layer you prepare in this procedure equals to the thickness of the conventional coating. The use of fewer quantities of chemicals means less danger of pollution and bad environmental hazards. For more details on Electroless Nickel Coating, visit Poeton, providers of Electroless Nickel Coating.
  • You can achieve the thin layer which much stronger than the conventional thick layer. As the thin layer can work for you, even less nickel can be used.
  • It lasts much longer due to its strength. Hence, you have not to repeat the coating process frequently.
  • Composite nickel coating needs fewer baths. Due to this reason, less wastage is produced.

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Less nickel release:

  • The composite nickel coating is much stronger and harder. As a result, nickel is not released from the coating and the environment is less contaminated.
  • Parts are less prone to wear and tear and are not replaced again.


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