Everything you need to know about becoming a security guard

A security guard provides an important and worthwhile service to keep property, people and items safe and secure. This could involve watching a business premises or perhaps working in a store and monitoring for shoplifters. There may be technology and practical items in places to help you with your job such as CCTV cameras and the use of a Security Seal , like the ones you can see at https://acmeseals.co.uk on high risk or high price items.

If this job appeals to you, here’s all you need to know.

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Entry requirements

A security guard is an entry level job, but you’ll need to complete training to pursue this career. According to UK Security Directory, if you want to work as a security guard in the UK, you need to obtain a licence from the Security Industry Authority (SIA). This involves completing an SIA-approved training course and then applying, and paying for the licence.

You’ll need to meet a series of requirements before getting your licence, so make sure you’re eligible, especially if you have previous criminal convictions, before you start the training. You must be at least 18 years old.

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Once you’ve gained a security job, you’ll receive continued training. You’ll learn how to correctly use items of defence equipment, and communications or digital technology, such as body worn cameras. Conflict management will also be an important part of your training.

With further training, security guards may progress to become law enforcement officers or enter the police force.

Aspects of the job

Security guards work in a wide range of situations and settings, so it makes for quite a varied profession. Although lots of jobs involve walking around patrolling areas, some roles involve being mainly stationary, such as standing at the front of a store, or sitting behind a screen monitoring CCTV images. As well as protection and safety, security guards also check that alarms are working properly.

Many security guards work shifts, which can be a mixture of daytime or night working, depending on the company you work for and what exactly you are guarding. Shifts can last around 12 hours, and the job is usually solitary.

Qualities and skills required

As well as completing the necessary training and obtaining a licence, to excel as a security guard, you need to be very observant and able to react quickly to situations. Being calm under pressure and during stressful situations is a must. Although you largely work on your own, being able to communicate effectively with others, especially during emergency situations, is vitally important. Knowledge of relevant laws and safety procedures is integral to this job.

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