Effective fire evacuation procedures

When you work in a building of any size you need to have an effective fire evacuation procedure. Without one, you and your colleagues are putting your lives at risk. Fire, if allowed to, can rage through a building. The worst effects come from the smoke. Smoke inhalation is the most common cause of injury during a fire. It can quickly overcome a person as they simply cannot breathe. Fighting a fire, however admirable, is best left to the experts. What needs to be in place so that everyone can escape?

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Firstly, the most important thing is getting everyone out of the building. Fire escapes are needed so people on the upper floors can quickly get out before the fire spreads or the smoke becomes too dense.  Fire extinguishers also need to be on hand. These take on three forms, water, powder and co2. They are only meant to contain small fires and should only be fought by trained staff members like fire marshalls. Fire doors close automatically to try and contain any blazes.

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Keeping a record of who was in the building is also vital for the roll call. Visitor Management System UK system like that from www.ofec.co.uk/visitor-management-system-uk.aspx is very capable of keeping track of visitors so that they can be evacuated and accounted for. The company has a responsibility to look after everyone on site. This is regardless of whether they are an employee or not.

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