Double-sided industrial tape uses

Double-sided industrial tape is used in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, construction, automotive and aerospace. It’s incredibly versatile and can be used in a variety of ways, offering a number of benefits compared to other adhesive methods.

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Types of tape

This type of industrial type can have either a thin or thick bonding system. Thick tape consists of a foam layer set between two layers of adhesive. Which tape you choose will depend on your specific application, so it’s important to choose your double-sided industrial tape carefully.

Tape can also have acrylic or rubber adhesives, and, again, you need to weigh up the merits of each type to see how it suits your specific requirements. Acrylic adhesives are ideal if you require a permanent bond, as they have a high bond strength, have good chemical resistance and are stable when exposed to UV light. Rubber adhesives are suitable for less demanding applications, making them a cheaper option.

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Some types of double-sided industrial tape are classified as Very High Bond (VHB) or Ultra High Bond (UHB), which makes them perfect for heavy-duty, external applications.

Double-sided industrial tape can be purchased in various formats, including adhesive sheets, rolls with standard or finger-lift liners, or you can get bespoke die-cut tapes.

The benefits of using double-sided industrial tape

Double-sided industrial tape has transformed many manufacturing processes, allowing for easier, faster and more secure assembly. According to Tesa, there are many reasons for using double-sided industrial tape, with the freedom of design and the clean working method, just two examples.

VHB tapes can easily stick to many surface types, such as metal, so if you require metal bonding adhesives and this is a good option to choose. Strong tapes can also adhere to glass, plastic, wood, concrete and foam. The tape is able to cope with variations in temperature, UV light, moisture, wind and vibration, making it a product that’s suitable for external use.  This is very handy in your garden area when it comes to inside your shed or garage if your trying to fix any broken items or split shelving.  I suppose you could just buy some more garage shelving from sites including

One of the other great advantages of using double-sided industrial tape is that there’s no need to create holes in structures, as you would with using spot welds, rivets, screws, clips and bolts. This not only saves a lot of time, but it means there are fewer weak points in structures so you get a stronger product, making for a much more efficient production line.

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