Do all Restaurants Offer Bread on Arrival?

The experience of dining out has become a popular social activity, and most restaurants will provide bread while you are looking at the menu or waiting for your food to arrive. Here we look at some of the reasons for this and how as a restaurant you can make the bread a more integral part of the dining experience. For a selection of places to eat why not have a look at options like Things to do in Market Harborough found at sites such as  as there are several choices and when your finished go for a spot of shopping.

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According to the Independent, people in the 16-24 age bracket spend more on food, much of it takeaways or eating out, than any other age group. This is mainly because they are less likely to know how to cook. People in this age bracket might also be financially less well off than older people. With this in mind, you may be more likely to ask for bread in a restaurant (assuming it was ‘free’) and then skip the starter. However, would you still order bread if you were expected to pay for it? Here we look at why you might.

Reasons for Bread

Most restaurants incorporate the cost of the bread into their overall costs, so as a customer it may seem like it is ‘free’, but there is no such thing as a free lunch! There are several reasons why restaurants do this. Although you may think eating bread before a meal will fill you up, the simple carbohydrates in bread cause insulin to be produced, which actually makes you hungrier. Added to this is the fact that restaurants believe that providing bread is good customer service and also that when you are visiting a restaurant, you are usually hungry, so eating bread while others are being served can alleviate impatience and boredom.

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How Offering Bread Can Help Your Business

If you offered bread as a legitimate ‘starter’, then it could be a creative and cost-effective way to drive extra revenue. With artisan breads becoming more and more popular, this is something that customers are willing to pay for. By obtaining commercial catering supplies you can get the ingredients to make your own bread, and this will be a great incentive for people to visit you. Who can resist some fresh bread when you know it has been made on the premises?

So whether you are a customer or a restaurant owner, bread is something that everyone can benefit from.

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