Best kept web design secrets

Your website is the digital storefront for your business, and as such, it must reflect your brand as well as being user-friendly, allowing your customers to access the information they are looking for and effectively communicate the core messages of your brand. The fundamentals behind a great website are certainly multifaceted, but that doesn’t mean they must also be overly complicated.

Best kept web design secrets

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Beauty for beauty’s sake has its place in the world, but not within web design. It isn’t enough for a website to look great, it must also influence users to behave in a certain way. That is to seek out further information, purchase a product or service, subscribe to an email list, or create a new account. Every element of design can influence behaviour, and so everything from fonts and colours to logos and imagery are important to consider.


Making it easy for users to achieve what they came to the site to do is vital. Individuals have come to your website for a specific reason and understanding what these reasons are is one of the keys to the creation of an effective website. As Canadian Business explains, each page should ultimately interconnect, guiding the user to the information they are seeking.

Test everything

Experienced Reading web design agencies such as,, understand the importance of the testing process in order to deliver a design that provides a high quality and seamless user experience. Ensuring every aspect of a design is fully optimised will help to increase conversions, which will ultimately boost business.

The difference between branding and design

Although within the same sphere, design and branding require quite different skills. Business leaders spend a great deal of time establishing their unique brand identity, and as such, it is important that web designers have a thorough understanding of this so they can communicate that information effectively to the user through the design.

The power of the familiar

There is a reason why particular elements, such as a navigation bar, are so consistently popular. They present information efficiently and aren’t visually confusing. Unique design elements ensure that your website stands out from the crowd, however, it is also important that the whole design flows in a logical way with familiar elements so as to not overwhelm the user.

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