5 Ways to Boost the Value of your Home

If you are thinking about selling your home, or you plan to sell it at some stage in the future, it may be worth making a few useful home investments to help boost its sales potential. Estate professionals will tell you that making a few small changes, such as fitting a new kitchen in or replacing old windows, can be just what your house needs to capitalise its overall market value. So, here are 5 easy ways to increase the value of your home:

5 Ways to Boost the Value of your Home

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  1. Install Better Quality Windows

The windows are one of the main features of any home. But if your house is filled with cheap and “drafty” windows, it may make your property more difficult to sell. Consider replacing these with durable double glazing Dublin windows, or even triple glazed windows instead. You may also want to consider doing the same with old doors. Make sure to have a good look through the windows and Doors Dublin available to get a better idea of the options open to you.

  1. Replace Worn Carpets

Homebuyers tend to stay away from houses with lots of old and worn carpets and rugs. Not only are they considered as old fashioned, but they also can contain millions of dust mites which cause itchy eyes, runny noses and other allergy-related health problems. It’s a good idea to replace these with a more modern choice of flooring such as wood or laminate etc.

  1. Create More Space

According to This Old House it is important to create a sense of open space throughout the house. This will make potential buyers feel as though there is plenty of room in the house and enough space to decorate whichever way they please.

  1. Take Care of the Garden

The first thing a potential buyer will look at upon viewing your house is the garden. You want to make sure that the grass and shrubberies are kept nice and tidy. If you have an old swing set in the back garden, you may want to consider removing it and any other bits and pieces that have been left lying about. This will help make your garden appear more clean and tidy for the new buyer.

  1. Let the Light in

It may seem simple, but by letting light into the house, you immediately present it in a more positive light. It will also make it seem as though the house has a lot more space and will make it appear homelier. Potential buyers are less likely to purchase a house that looks dull and dreary. Open the curtains, put on a few lights about the house and show off your home as much as possible.

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