Top ways to keep your home secure this autumn

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, autumn has us well and truly in its grip. With a long, cold winter looming, and Christmas just around the corner, the British public needs to implement additional home security features to keep them safe and to guard against intruders.
Though Cirencester has a below-average crime rate of 76 crimes per 1000 people, it still makes sense to implement appropriate safety protocols.

Here are some of the most effective security measures:

1. Motion-activated lights

Lights that automatically illuminate when motion is detected help you to navigate between home and vehicle safely on dark mornings and evenings but also act as a powerful deterrent to would-be intruders.

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2. Draw your curtains

When the nights are dark and your inside lights are on, draw your curtains. This prevents passers-by from gazing in and seeing what valuables you have on display. It will also keep heat in, making for a cosy environment and possibly reducing your heating bills.

3. Check your locks

Make sure that both your doors and your windows in Cirencester are securely locked when your property is unattended. If your locks are malfunctioning or your windows are not as secure as you would like, you should consider having them checked and, if necessary, replaced by a specialist at installing windows Cirencester.

4. Secure the perimeter

If you have a garden gate, consider locking it to prevent unauthorised access. Check your perimeter fencing to ensure it cannot easily be breached. If necessary, add trellis or outdoor lighting to deter intruders.

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5. Keep watch

Many home CCTV cameras are very accessibly priced and connect to your home Wi-Fi to provide 24/7 visibility of what is happening in and around your home. Most enable you to check in via your smartphone, receive notifications when motion is detected and offer two-way audio which lets you interact with visitors (invited or not).

You should regularly review your home security measures and, if necessary, join your local Neighbourhood Watch to receive information pertaining to the crime level in your local area.

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