Who Are Vodafone?

Who are Vodafone? Vodafone group is a British international telecoms company. Its registered office is at Newbury, Berkshire, England. It primarily serves services in Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania.

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The company was established in 1985 and is one of the biggest players in the UK mobile phone market. It provides mobile phone network coverage across all main regions of the country. It provides free call charges to its residential customers and a host of other benefits that you can check out on their website or call into a vodafone store near me like https://www.kingcommunications.ie/

As for its global services, it offers mobile broadband, access and data services, access services, pay as you go and SIM cards for phones.

The company was recently sold to a consortium of financial institutions led by Virgin Group. Its existing network in the UK consists of eighteen million mobile handsets and is considered to be one of the biggest wireless telephone networks. However, it has been unable to gain much ground in the growing markets in Asia and Africa. This deal will hopefully help it gain more market share in these markets, especially in Asia where the penetration levels are very low.

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All in all, it looks like a great deal for both parties. It is clear that Virgin has recognized the importance of mobile communications in today’s world and has invested in expanding its range of services – including its mobile network. The signing of the contract is therefore a very positive step forward for Virgin customers.

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