Are the negative criticism of consumers irreparable damage?

There is no doubt that one of the most positive things that Social Networks have brought for companies and brands is exposure and visibility. Thanks to Social Networks, it is easier to reach previously inaccessible brands and to talk to them with them, something unthinkable a few years ago.

The brands have been forced to follow a strict policy of transparency and honesty with their users, in addition to having as their absolute priority creating community around the product or service they offer.

The consumer no longer wants to trust an inaccessible brand that does not answer their questions, their doubts or their complaints, now they need to know that they can communicate with it in a comfortable and fast way for them, and that the brand responds. That is the priority.

But, at the same time, the biggest advantage can be posed as the biggest drawback. Yes. Let’s say that visibility and exposure to the user can be a double-edged sword. And very sharp.

What happens if a user is not satisfied with our service or product? The answer is easy, it will be shared with other users in the different social platforms. And, given the case, what consequences can a negative comment from a user have for us?

The immediate consequence is the user’s alert. That is, if we are looking at the profiles of a brand and see a negative comment, the first thing we tend to do, because we are like that, is to look to see if there are more users who ratify that negative comment. First point against: we question the reliability of the brand.

Generally, when a user posts a bad comment, it usually produces the Union effect, so to speak, which is that after the first comment other disgruntled users will be encouraged to make their criticism towards us, so we are required to be prepared for respond well and quickly, because otherwise the comment will be like a snowball, which will grow and create a good problem.

Therefore, are the damages that a bad comment can cause us irreparable?

Depends on how our management is. Just having a bad comment on our profiles does not mean that we are going to have a reputation crisis, in fact, as I have said on many occasions, it gives us the opportunity to show that we are prepared to respond. Obviously a bad comment is not a dish of good taste for anyone and can have serious repercussions, but unless we manage it in an inappropriate way it is not a tragedy, but a way to attract to us someone who is not satisfied. In fact, a negative comment should not be a problem, there will always be people who do not like something we do or say, you just have to be skillful enough to tip the balance on our side.

If the damages are irreparable? No, the only irreparable thing is not knowing how to react in time. Reputation is something very important, it is lost once, there is no more, but we are professionals and a disgruntled user does not have to create irreversible damage to our image. It depends on ourselves.

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