The true importance of strategies in Social Media

For now all of us, or at least most of us, know that we need a website and that the question is what we should do with it, not if it should exist. However, we see owners of small businesses that do not have one and if they do, they still do not know what to do with it. On the other hand, many are characterized by having brochure sites, that is, those that never change, that do not share and to which it almost never connects. For this, it is better to have nothing and it could even be beneficial when the point is reached.

Of course, it is easier to build a simple site and forget about it, but nowadays, a change is necessary. Either we adapt, or we will die, that is the reality because every day is more social, more participatory and static, the brochure websites no longer go. We can not afford to miss the opportunity to connect with our people but before this we have some logical doubts: where are they? Online? In blogs? On Facebook? On twitter?

To know where your customers are, you have to know who they are and this includes:

  • What they like
  • Where do they do their shopping
  • How you spend
  • What do you like to do
  • What do they like to talk about?

Answering all these questions is simple if we are able to put ourselves in their place and for this we must take into account a series of basic tips:

Millions of people are on the Internet . 75% of US adults are online looking for products, local stores, news, tips and much more. As owners of small businesses, our products, stores, news and own tips must also be there, but we must be relevant and use a language that connects us with readers. We must know how to make a difference with our competitors.

The majority is on Facebook . Most likely, if people are on the Internet, they are also part of Facebook (93% of US adult users are). There it is good to have a fan page and give the opportunity to our customers and followers to connect, share and comment on our brand.

Email still matters . E-mail continues to be the preferred way to exchange content. It is the superior activity that involves people online and the superior way to share information.

The ‘smart people’ are on Twitter . Saying so may seem ironic, but it is not. A report by Edison, collected by Hubspot highlighted the education of users of this social network and, it seems that compared to the majority of the population, people with a higher educational level adapt more easily to Twitter than others, being willing to try and respond to the latest products and services through that network. The Twitter community does not have the same volume as Facebook, but by its level it could be said that it is focused on the creation of business networks and the creation of relationships.

You need a home on the Internet . It is necessary to have a website or blog to which we can send from our social network accounts, but this should add value to our customers as it will be the reason to stay connected before, during and after purchases, which should create strategies around our page

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