How to develop a content strategy for online stores

You take care of your online store, keep it updated with news, change the product photos, make offers … but you can not increase the volume of traffic to your website or, unfortunately, the sales. What happens? You study your competition, you are tired of finding ecommerce platforms very similar to yours, with the same range of products, a very similar price, and there are even those that use the same web template … why would you choose your clients? How can you stand out? You need to differentiate now. A detail that online stores often overlook, the already well-known sentence “content is king”; reinforce your presence in the network with an effective content strategy; Here are some ideas:

Do not leave everything on the blog, the web has to include its own content, updated and optimized. Why should an article offer relevant information for your audience to be in your blog? Your customers will not go to him to read your articles.

If your client is browsing the web, looking for information about a product that is interested in buying, it is not at all operative that leaves the page to go to your blog, plus you run the risk of losing it.

Blogs are an excellent tool to generate fresh content and attract potential customers online, subsequently deriving this traffic to the web; however, conversely it can be counterproductive. The ideal is to include within the web all the main content, the most relevant at all times and useful so that users can, at the time, expand information about the products. In the blog you can include the title of the articles, together with a review of them, to later refer the user to the main page; in addition to another type of complementary content.

Rejects imitations, only practical and original content. Include in your website practical application content for your users. In your online store, the sellers are the products themselves and their way of presenting them. Customers use the internet to obtain information, offer it, in an attractive way, it includes all kinds of data related to the product, with very detailed characteristics. Do not stick only to the written word, take out your more cinematic side and dare with the videos. 52% of Internet traffic occurs through the consumption of audiovisual content, and the tendency is to read less and less.

In no case do you directly use the description provided by the manufacturer, nor can you imagine how many companies of your competence cut and paste directly from your supplier. I hope that you are not one of them, rework that content, contributing your knowledge and personal experience with the product.

Read them the thought. Pick up a section with frequently asked questions. You know what they need, sometimes they do not dare to ask, anticipate and answer them. Clarify your doubts with step-by-step guides. If you keep up to date and always have the answer they are looking for, you will be on the way to becoming a benchmark in the sector. A great point in your favor to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Encourage your guests of honor to participate: customers. Contact directly with them, be interested in the degree of satisfaction of your purchase and encourage them to contribute their comment. Include in your website a section of testimonials with the appreciations of your consumers. Every word of him is worth its weight in gold.

What is the content strategy of your online store based on? What type of content is the one that gives you the best result?

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