Why develop a mobile marketing campaign?

In the same way that the world dospuntocero has broken with force and has modified many of the habits of users and companies, the zeal for the social thing has caused that we are continuously connected to our social profiles to be able to receive anytime and anywhere messages and we can do use of different platforms, which has been possible thanks to the growing use of the smartphone and tablets.

Mobile devices allow us to take social networks anywhere and be continuously connected, able to share and consume information anywhere and at any time.

At a time when users use tablets and smartphones not only to work, but to consume different content and to make online purchases, brands are forced to reach this large mass of potential customers by creating and developing marketing strategies mobile to achieve connect with this audience and meet their needs, also, in these devices.

According to data from Pewinternet and eDigital Research, in countries such as the United States, 46% of adult users own a smartphone, and 64% of them use it regularly to make purchases online. While these consumers search and buy, businesses that do not have a presence in this sector endorsed by a good marketing strategy for mobile devices, are losing many opportunities to reach an audience that is very active and predisposed to buy from their terminals by the comfort that supposes not needing a computer.

On the other hand, 47% of the owners of a smartphone use it to find local businesses to visit, which is why businesses must have a presence on mobile devices on platforms such as Foursquare or Google Local.

According to Web Group, most small businesses use mobile marketing to get more exposure, although it also shows that most of these businesses are not prepared to satisfy these users, since 60% of businesses that have a website , only 26% is compatible with the format of these mobile devices, and only 14% have a website specifically made for mobile formats. However, more and more companies are understanding the importance of mobile marketing and are adapting their websites, citing as the main reasons for this the fact of believing that the mobile helps to provide a better customer service to be able to take it over continuously,

84% of small businesses that have decided to have a mobile presence say they have seen their profits increase considerably, according to a survey conducted by Web.com, and 69% of them consider that the mobile marketing strategy is the key to their growth over the next five years, so they plan to increase investment next year.

To get engagement it is important to optimize our website for the mobile device, since it allows a more comfortable and easier navigation, creating an exclusive offer for mobile users and letting us know through platforms, for example, geolocation, and use QR codes so that our users can access promotions and special offers.

The consumption of mobile content is increasing, and most mobile users in developed countries are increasingly using all the possibilities of a smartphone. Small business owners must adopt the mobile channel in their businesses to stay in the minds of consumers via smartphone.

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