Transparency with data collection, one more challenge for 2018

Predictions abound that spending on online advertising and e-commerce will have their year in 2018, but for this to happen, it will be necessary to prioritize and enhance other aspects such as data protection, that is, to be more transparent with the amount of data collected and how they are used, so that consumers can rely more on retailers, publishers and the brands themselves.

“We are at an interesting time in terms of attitudes about the data protection situation at this time, because a generational change is occurring,” said Jonathon Shaevitz, CEO of Maxifier.

“The Generation” And “and those of the” Millennium “happily share their personal information in exchange for services. Privacy is a minor problem for this generation, differentiating itself from Baby Boomers, who are less willing to exchange private information for personalized advertising. ”

Due to this generational change is that Shaevitz believes that the issue of privacy will soften next year, although it will remain one of the main concerns. The solution to this is for advertisers to increase the transparency of their data collection practices.

Younger consumers are more willing to share their data for personalized advertising, but this does not mean that they give their information to any brand, or at random, and less to those with a bad reputation. They do it with trusted brands, but it is also true that if advertisers are increasingly transparent, they will have fewer problems doing so every day.

“Advertisers need to do a better job to reach consumers and for this they will need more transparency about how they use the information they collect”; said Shaevitz.

“The Baby Boomers and Generation X are older and are not used to providing information so easily, but we hope to convince them that providing the data for advertising could actually be benefiting as well.”

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