Shopping? Not without my mobile

Now more than ever, the internet and new technologies are part of the daily lives of users and consumers. All this, thanks to the possibility of being permanently connected giving us the opportunity to search and access the information we need where we are and at the moment we want.

The revolution in mobile technology has undoubtedly been a great impetus in this regard. Now consumers have powerful tools to make their shopping habits, much smarter and less impulsive. And is that tablets and smartphones have become the best shopping companion for consumers.

Definitely, times have changed and many of these users and consumers do not conceive of going shopping without carrying their mobile devices. This growing trend is generating great changes in the way consumers buy, while demanding more competitiveness and quality for sellers.

The big posters announcing discounts and discounts went out of fashion. The information and opportunities are ‘moving’ in the network and it is no longer worth trying to seduce customers with how good our products are. Now consumers have the power of information and know those products for which they feel interested or intend to buy or acquire.

The investigation of products, and the search for references, comments and opinions of other users are already one of the main factors that can condition or determine the final decision of a purchase by consumers. Added to this, the possibility of accessing this information at any time and even within the stores themselves, is a great challenge for companies and sellers.

It is evident that mobile devices are changing electronic commerce and shopping habits among consumers. Now they feel increasingly comfortable with their smartphones that have quickly become a very useful tool when it comes to making purchases, whether for consultation, comparison and research on products.

In addition, the proliferation of other services such as advertising based on geolocation or QR codes, further boost the tendency to use and not forget to carry these mobile devices when we leave home.

It’s clear, shopping? Not without my mobile

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