Proudly working as a plumber

Trade style jobs and those that require craftsmanship skills are becoming increasingly popular with young adults as the view on these sorts of jobs finally starts to change. We will always have a need for carpenters, roofers and plumbers as these are complex jobs that require a great deal of knowledge and skills. People often like to think that they can save a bit of money by doing a job themselves, but what happens in reality is that it either ends up costing them the same amount as it would have done because they can’t complete the job or in some cases it ends up coasting a lot more as the professionals have to come in to try and sort out the extra issues that we have created by messing around with things that we know nothing about.

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Plumbers Dublin or in any other town or city across the country know the hard work and dedication that goes into developing their skills and knowledge of all things waters and pipe related. Working as a plumber will see you carrying on a tradition role that is thought to have begun in Ancient Egypt, Greece and China. A type of cooper piping was used thousands of years ago by the Egyptians as a way to move water from one place to another. It will also see you become a part of a group of people that includes some famous names. For example, did you know that Albert Einstein had long wanted to be a plumber and when once asked if he could have had any other career than inventor what would he have chosen, and his reply was ‘a plumber’. Two other famous, but very different plumbers, are the brothers Mario and Luigi the crime fighting, block bursting duo who are on a quest to rescue Princess Peach.

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So, exactly what sort of skills and qualifications would Plumbers Dublin needed? This really depends on the company that you are going to be working for and what position they are looking for. Many companies offer apprenticeships for young adults and some of these may require you to have a GCSE C in Maths and others may just require you to have a good understanding of numbers and be willing to undertake a day or two at college to improve your mathematics knowledge. It is an industry that is keen to home grow its own talent and so dedication and a can-do attitude along with some good customer service skills will help you go a long way.

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