Being a Guru is just a tag if you have not demonstrated anything with your work

Lately I have had the opportunity to read all kinds of stories about the phenomenon of Social Media, its alleged bubble and especially about the so-called Marketing Gurus or “Messiah 2.0.” A debate that undoubtedly generates and gives rise to all kinds of controversies and clashes where there is no shortage of those alluded to or those who defend the attacks of Web 2.0 detractors.

The truth is that the emergence of social networks has built a new scenario to which many professionals have joined and raised to evolve learning from their changes, trends and new paradigms. However, it was not long before the famous social media gurus emerged quickly.

Evidently among all of them, those who owe their popularity to the success of their own work, their experience and successes stand out. Achievements that can confirm that the theory converted into its gospel, corresponds to that of a cult or dogma known and practiced, and not just a word of phrase and Marketing tips to impact the staff.

The term Guru has its origin in Hinduism, where it is used to refer to the ‘spiritual master’, who was considered an important person who showed the path of yoga, taught meditation techniques, and who was asked for advice. Hence, the word or term “guru” is usually used to refer to the true masters of some particular field, discipline, or science.

Thus, in the world of marketing advertising and even in the business world, this term has been used to refer to great professionals such as Philip Kotler, Seth Godin, John Jantsch or Steve Jobs himself, who have not only been revered as authentic icons , but they were and are recognized as true visionaries and revolutionaries of his time, thanks especially to his long professional career of demonstrated successes.

These examples show that perhaps the concept of ‘Guru’ has been devalued to be used aesthetically and taken by many as a quart to sell his personal brand, climbing on a stage and repeat over and over what everyone already knows but adorned with flourishes and phrases made. And from those muds come these muds that cause some to be despised and others to be pointed out and accuse of selling only smoke.

Of course, this does not mean that true professionals, those who have demonstrated a long career full of knowledge and experience, including successes and failures, may deserve such an attribute. But I am clear, being a Guru is just a label if you have not demonstrated anything with your work.

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