What mistakes to create a technology company?

technology company

The main errors are more focused on the technological development that is not a product that aims to solve the problem and have technology, but. In the market for mobile applications development it is to ignore that must be managed in the same way as any other company is managed.

Problems in the development market technological products appearing before even the development process itself: “It is quite often fails in how the product idea arises,” says David Louis, an innovation journal.

technology company

Fall in love with problem

“To paraphrase a successful entrepreneur, what you need to do is fall in love with the problem, not the solution this expert- he points. The important thing is that it is very clear from the beginning what the future will solve that problem product, and the objective of development. Often not clear if that problem, which promoters say that there really exists and that the market has this unmet need.”

Best done it well done

In the part of the implementation, one of the most common mistakes is to invest time and money in developing and developed waiting for the product is perfect and never will be. So it is best to launch as soon as possible the minimum viable product (PMV) and, from there, start to improve and refine it, but not only with your intuition, but with the result of the analysis of what users do with the PMV. This allows applications to find out if what you thought at an early stage he was going to use your product are those. This analysis also can see things that the user missing and you, maybe, you had not happened, notes journal Louis.

To explain I usually talk about technology, but no product. Often it develops without the user. Is incorporated mega functionality not known if all will interest you, without having validated? In its defense the entrepreneur often said that maybe the market was not ready for my innovation; but, most likely as a phrase is that maybe the one you were not ready for the market was you.

“To not confuse what is technology what is innovative consumer-focused innovation, a very clear example is the Segway, a means of transport when it launched was talk that would revolutionize the way we change locations. Technologically, progress was very interesting, but from the point of view of the use that is given, over time this product has failed, because he has run into something marginal: for tourism and security services visits. In this case, the technology was on the one hand and market requirements were for property other than” this innovation journal argues.

Once upon a prototype

“Where you have to take hours it is in the prototype -recommend David Louis. And often it is not necessary to write a single line of code. Occasionally, some companies are working on a sketch with a few features and descriptions of what can make the future product. And with that they go to customers to ask if they are interested. This feedback helps them exchange or define what features are what matter most to market.”

But not only live feedback prototypes. In the event that externalizes production, it is advisable to have a taste of what will be the final product before sending to make: “It will help you fall back on in case there are any changes in materials and design of the final product delivered you. It is also important to require that each of the units produced does not exceed a maximum error margin previously set,” advises John Rodriguez an innovation expert.

License free, premium … phew!

Why channel sell my product and how shall generate income is another headache, but “usually resolve those doubts the client. If a good prototype and proper test of the prototype is done, we will provide information to decide what form of payment is the most appropriate for the market. The crucial question is what the pattern of use of your product. Hence, it is important to spend much time in the prototyping before starting development,” says David Louis.

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