Pigeonhut Hosted Sharepoint Package

Hosted Sharepoint at Pigeon hut comes with a package that includes email storage, outlook access on desktop, owned domain name, online support of 24 by 7, an allowance of a large attachment of files that go up to various MBs depending on the package that one takes. For a starting package of 4.95 pounds per month the attachment size offered is of 5 MB. Likewise for 5.95 pounds it goes up to 7 MB. The maximum that one can avail from a hosted Sharepoint package is up to 60 MB for a price of 9.95 pound per month.

Hosted Sharepoint PackageLet us begin to understand the merits of a hosted Sharepoint at Pigeonhut better. First of all a hosted Sharepoint package is great for a simple and secure online backup. Today we work on a large size of data. Every moment we are getting a new data addition to existing data that gets modified. File after file of heavy data gets added and at times deletion of data becomes extremely difficult since no one is aware at what time which data would be important. So everything is critical. Therefore, the hosted Sharepoint package become important since the backup it provides protects critical files by storing of the files online. Find more information at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SharePoint.

The hosted Sharepoint package is easy to install and is highly secure. It has the potential to save all data present on an entire personal computer, laptop, or a Mac Book. Every bit of data present on these devices. This is simply amazing, isn’t it!

Let us understand how hosted Sharepoint works. Once installed the backup services keeps saving all files and works in the background while the user may be busy working on the device. There is hardly any technical knowledge that would be required. Once installed which is simple it works quietly in the background like an obedient student and keeps making online copies of the files while the user may keep working at peace without having any fear of having to lose data.

Hosted Sharepoint provided by Pigeonhut also provides the user the capability to work over or view the files from anywhere. The files that are being saved the hosted Sharepoint can be viewed in any browser since these services are made very user friendly. These can be easily viewed from the user’s mobiles or tablets. Now one can view photos, documents and all critical files from any place. The hosted Sharepoint services by Pigeonhut can be used on the move. This improves speed of process completion and also helps in better decision making as well.

Various kinds of hosted Sharepoint packages are available. One of these is the Briefcase. The Briefcase feature in hosted Sharepoint helps in appropriately synchronizing all the files on a computer or likewise devices. The Pro Suite package provides backup of data and all features available with Briefcase. Then there is the Business Solutions type of Hosted Sharepoint package that offers customized solutions like unconstrained storage, backing up of all office machines, and sharing of files capability.

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