Think you could be a roofer?

Do you love working outdoors? Are you not afraid of heights and have good balance? Then maybe you could be a roofer. While there are no formal educational requirements, employers would appreciate some experience in the trade. There are several ways you can gain experience:

Helping roofers by working as an assistant labourer

Attending a course at your local community college in construction skills, industry specific or Level 2 Diploma in slating and tiling, for example.

To work on any building, most employers will require you to have obtained the Construction Skills Certificate Scheme card. One way to get this is to complete an internship in the construction industry. Find out more about Flat Roof Repair Bristol at a site like

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Working as a roofer, you must:

Understand how to read and follow building plans

Have sound mathematical skills to calculate area sizes, costs and price

Be good with your hands and have strong practical ability

During an average day, you may be expected to:

Strip slate roof tiles and repair damaged ones or replace

Check the roof timber

Fit and attach felt sheets

Properly measure and cut roofing materials

Cover the roof with a cladding, slate or tile

Seal up the beams

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Roofers often work together with other construction specialists such as plumbers, joiners and electrical workers. Depending on your experience, roofers can earn anything from £ 13,000 to over £ 30,000 for years of experience. Working as a self-employed roofer, you can set your own competitive prices and be your own boss.

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