The Unique Needs of Restaurant Cleaning

Every business should be clean and safe, but a restaurant is unique in that it absolutely must put sanitation and cleanliness as a top priority. A restaurant that isn’t sanitary risks health problems for customers and staff, violating food safety regulations and the potential for fines, prosecution and ultimately closure. A dirty restaurant is a breeding ground for food-borne illnesses, damaged reputations and a loss of business. In a nutshell, a dirty restaurant is an absolute no-no.

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Restaurant owners have the extra responsibility of keeping all areas both clean but also sanitised, which requires a deeper level of cleaning. It’s not a difficult task, it simply requires some organising, timetabling, regularity and a touch of elbow grease. Alternatively, hire a professional cleaning contractor to provide the best clean on a regular basis. For Leicester commercial cleaning, visit Ace Cleaning Company.  Here are some of  the most important areas of a restaurant that deserve special attention in a cleaning regime and can be supplied by a Leicester commercial cleaning company:

Areas of the Back of House:

Daily cleaning jobs should include:


Sanitisation of all surfaces including cutting boards

Scouring of the grills

Empty bins

Cloths, tea towels, aprons and chef’s whites to laundry

Sanitisation of cheese graters/meat slicers

Immediate air-tight sealing of food with labelling before storing in fridge

Sweeping and mopping of all floors

Wiping the outside of any ice machines

Clean out the grease traps

Clean the hood filters inside the dishwasher

Remove and replace tin foil liners in oven and grill

Take out all rubbish and recycling

Wash floor mats

Sanitise the sinks, taps and soda guns

Dispose of oil and grease properly

Dispose of grease and oil correctly

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Jobs to be carried out weekly:

Oven cleaning as per manufacturer instructions

Empty and sanitise coolers and refrigerators

Clean the coffee machines

Treat the floor drains with drain cleaner

Wash down the walls

Jobs to be carried out monthly:

Any grease build-up should be dealt with and cleaning carried out behind fryers, ovens and stoves. Grease build-up is not only unsanitary but a fire hazard too.

Empty out and clean freezers

Wash the ceiling

Equipment checks should include making sure knives are sharpened and thermometers calibrated

Keep an eye on backs of cupboards and corners for any evidence of pests

Front of House Daily Cleaning Jobs:

Every surface to wiped with sanitised cloths, including the table tops, the bar, chairs and booths

Cleaning and sanitising of toilet facilities with regular checks throughout the day

Sweeping and mopping of floors

Wiping of condiment dispensers and menus

Weekly jobs:

Dusting of the ceiling fans, blinds, curtains and picture frames, for example

Wipe down the chair and table legs

Wipe down the skirting boards


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