Reports you may want to consider investing in when buying a property

If a surveyor has discovered any significant defects in a property, which are usually highlighted using the red condition rating, such as problems with the structure including the roof, they may recommend that you gather quotes for repair work, from companies such as Essex Roofers, before purchasing the property and this may lead you to renegotiate the price you are willing to pay for the property.

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It is also common for a surveyor to advise that services such as drainage, hot water, heating and electrical systems are tested.

If the defect is more complicated, such as serious damp problems, suspected timber decay, cracking or structural movement, you may need to hire a specialist to investigate the full extent of this issue.

Builder’s Quotes

Normally, surveys do not include the estimated costs of addressing any defects which have been identified. This is where quotes from builders are useful, where estimates or fixed price quotes can be provided on a survey report from a qualified builder.

For more serious work, a surveyor will complete a detailed schedule of works or specification for a fee. This lists the work required in detail, which is used to price the job accurately.

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Structural Engineer Report

Most homes will show signs of minor cracks as all property moves, and usually goes unnoticed. In the vast majority of homes this will not be serious.

However, some valuation forms for mortgages will ask questions focusing on movement, which can trigger a requirement for a report from an engineer, even for minor issues.

In mortgage lending there are two types of movement, historic and progressive. Historic no longer poses a threat and has occurred in the past, while progressive is ongoing and live, creating more of a concern.

Damp and Timber Reports

The causes of rot and damp can occasionally be misdiagnosed, and it is important that timber treatments and damp proofing are conducted by a qualified contractor.

The profession has a trade authority, known as the PCA (Property Care Association) which ensures that members follow strict membership criteria and deliver high standards of service and technical competence.

You can obtain a quote for damp or timber treatment, however, if the issue is not serious, wait before paying money for any unnecessary work. In period properties, some damp is normal, and can be caused by defective window sills, leaking gutters, condensation or high ground water levels.

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