How to be a better business communicator

People do business with people, not businesses, which is why it is vital to make a great first impression. Everyone who works for a company is an ambassador for the brand, so you need to look good and talk with confidence. Here are some ways to help you become a better business communicator.

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Listen and learn

There is a reason we have two ears and one mouth: to be a top communicator, you need to listen more than you talk. Only then can you address your client’s fears and show how you can be of benefit.

Be a quiz master

Following on from this, you can show you are interested in your client by asking questions. You can also find out more about your client and can answer their questions and solve their problems. Statements and monologue sales pitches imply that you want to control the dialogue, while questions imply that your client has valuable input to help you arrive at a decision that benefits you both.

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Wow them to woo them

Clients get a lot of people asking for their time, so make sure they are willing to spend time with you. Take them somewhere different. Organise a special event and invite them along. If your company has a corporate hospitality box at a sporting event, ask them to join you. You can certainly give them the VIP treatment with a package through an events company such as If they see a fantastic location such as Ermanno Palace on an invitation, you can pretty much guarantee that they will accept.

Read their body language

When you are with a client, what they are not saying is just as important as what they are saying; in fact, it can be even more important. Learn to communicate better by reading their body language. A lack of eye contact might mean they are not interested, while folded arms could mean they feel defensive or are closed off.

Do your background work

Research your client before your meeting. Through their online presence you can find out a lot about them. See their ‘about us’ profile on their website and connect on LinkedIn. Once you know something about them, you can break the ice with general chat about their love of water sports, for example.

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