Four Avant Garde Catering Ideas for Summer Events

Fancy adding a more foodie twist to your catered summer party? Longer days and warmer weather don’t have to mean barbecues: there are plenty of exciting alternatives to spice up your summer with some avant garde catering.

Four Avant Garde Catering Ideas for Summer Events

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If you want to go all out on the molecular gastronomy front, there are plenty of recipes available to create world-class experimental dishes to wow the guests. However, if you are imagining something a little simpler, check out our top tips below for a little inspiration for tasty and easy summertime treats.

Nibbly Bits

A party just wouldn’t be a party without nibbly bits. Whether it’s nuts, olives, bread sticks or dips, finger food is integral to a good summer event. Consider home-made stuffed peppers made with lemon almonds, Spanish anchovies or Prosciutto di Parma for a delicious and moreish treat.


Summer is the perfect time for a light and refreshing salad. Use seasonal ingredients such as tomatoes, lettuce and mangoes for a traditional salad with a twist, or fresh carrot, radish, feta and mint for something crunchy and sweet. Fresh herbs will add some clean and bright notes to bring some zing to your salads.

Comfort Food

It’s great fun to mix up some classic comfort food favourites with a twist, offering small taster portions to guests as a lighter summertime option. Crowd-pleasers include macaroni cheese with pancetta and paprika, four-cheeses cheese toasties, mini-Yorkshire puddings with shredded roast beef and crispy pig’s ears with nasturtium and caper tartare sauce.


Summer is a great opportunity to make the most of all the delicious fruit that is ripe right now and utilise local seasonal produce while there is so much available. You can make some amazingly impressive desserts to suit your avant garde event. For some unique desserts with an avant garde twist, check out the ideas here:

Of course, having the right catering equipment is essential when creating an event for any number of people. Catering suppliers such as have everything that you need for that big event and beyond.

The joy of avant garde cooking lies in creating delicious food with an unusual twist. The food that you create for that summer party with a twist doesn’t need to be hugely exotic or too difficult to make – it should be beautifully presented with simple flavours.

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